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As the PTO President, it is my responsibility to talk to you about becoming involved with our school. The PTO is here to help the *students, *teachers, *parents, and the *school in every way we possibly can. We encourage parents’ involvement in their individual child’s lives, education, class, and school; becoming involved with PTO is an opportunity! Any adult family member of children attending Skyline North Elementary can become a PTO member. As a member, you are entitled to vote on any issues relating to the PTO: funds towards students, purchasing items for the school, etc. 

We do many great things as a PTO. We have provided field trip allowances to each student, purchased much needed school supplies, helped purchase our new school murals and provided each teacher a “wish list” item for their classroom. We couldn’t do these wonderful things without fundraising. Our annual Fall Festival is our biggest event, followed by our Cinco de Mayo celebration. We are able to earn the funds we need as well as having a blast doing it with our Skyline families and staff! As you can imagine, to meet all of the goals that we have, we need active participation.

There are many ways you can be involved with the PTO:

  • Become a member ($5 fee)
  • Be a room parent
  • Volunteer help during an event
  • Bake goodies during an event
  • Promote fundraising efforts
  • And many more…

 With your involvement and support, we can strengthen the home-to-school connection through parents and teachers working together to produce family events and activities to provide for our students’ needs, also to strengthen our ability to provide the best learning environment for all our students.

 We look forward to a great year and once again welcome you to a wonderful school- Skyline North Elementary.